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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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. so this lois lerner e-mail, we're going to post it at the top of the show, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think. this is "the kelly file." good night. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed edition to the show, tonight, america are you ready? >> russia is responding to the latest warning about explosives in toothpaste. with only 24 hours until the opening ceremony we have to ask, how safe is sochi? >> no, i am not planning on marching in the parade. >> another big attack on catholics as new york city mayor bill de blasio plans to boycott the st. patrick's day parade. so does nancy pelosi think fox news is fair and balanced? >> the president's opinion or
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mine of fox news is also, i don't think, important. >> we sent our are very own correspondent to find out. >> where were the people who negotiated the contract? huh? were where you then? >> and tonight it is jay leno's last night, tonight, we bid farewell. "hannity" starts right now. and tonight, our top story, why won't the naacp stand for what is right and fire one of its top officials for making yet another racial remark about republicans. the reverend william barber is now accusing conservatives of using black americans to help their cause. the reverend said quote, they frantically seek out people of color to become mouth pieces for their agenda. now this is the same man who criticized scott for being a dummy for the extreme right wing. now, earlier today we asked the
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reverend to come on the program to defend the comments but he was not man enough to defend the comments. and we asked to reach out to the different chapper epe epe eper why is nobody holding him accountable for these disgraceful remarks. why are these prominent officials hiding from this controversy? and colonel west, democratic strategist, richard fowler, good to see you. let's go to the first cut, richard, and it says a vent ventriloquist can always find a good dummy, he says he is the first black senator since reconstruction, and then goes to washington, d.c. and articulates the tea party. here is my question, the naacp, national association for the
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advancement of colored people. does it mean liberal colored people? only democratic colored people or conservatives included in this group? >> well, it means all colored people, sean, and let's be very clear here. don't get me wrong, not saying i would make the comments the reverend would make, he is entitled to his opinion. >> i didn't say he was entitled to his opinion. but there is open season and the most vile and vicious attacks on black conservatives, do you condemn it? should not the naacp fire this man for not one comment but now it is two comments that have crossed a line of decency in this society? should they are fired? i think he should be. >> people find tons of other folks outrageous. people find rush limbaugh outrageous. >> this is the head of the naacp. a black -- >> he is not the head of the naacp. he is the executive director of the north carolina chapter of the naacp.
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and he has the right to say what he wants to say. but let's be very clear on why he says what he says. >> i'm asking you, isn't this just abhorrent? isn't this despicable to you? have you no sense of decency. let me play a montage of black conservatives being treated in the media. this is a group that gets attacked day in and day out. let's play the montage. >> if i read herman cain's book, it is hard to believe he finds himself answerable to those republicans who will soon start to elect the nominees for the white house. and as such he probably feels obliged to assure him he is no angry black man. >> alan west was on fox and called you and other african leaders part of the problem. >> i think o-- >> he ain't -- >> joined the gop's version of affirmative action where black
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faces get racist to the front of the line then people get to put a bumper sticker on their cars which say how can i be racist, which would fit nicely over their bumper stickers saying how can i be racist, i would have voted for alan west? any black friend will do. >> your reaction, colonel west. >> first of all i would say if you go back and look at the fundamental principles of booker t. washington, he talked about education, and self-reliance. those were conservative principles. he founded tuskegee university. it was important to him to see blacks be successful. the black republican trail blazerer lunch, the director was there, he and i had a great conversation and talked about the ability of the black community to have voices on both sides of the aisle so that their issues can really be addressed
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and not just become irrelevant to one and taken for granted to the other. so i think that what the reverend barber down in north carolina does not understand is that the black community needs to have diversification of its political capital. and on each side, as well as on the democratic side. >> this is not about free speech. the naacp is supposed to be about the advancement of colored people. >> exactly, they are. >> but -- they didn't support clarence thomas, they didn't speak out and fire this guy for attacking senator tim scott or the times that alan west were attacked or my friend, denean berelli, or condoleeza rice. and you don't have the moral courage to say they need to pull back from these type of statements and distance themselves and probably fire this guy. and i wonder where your courage is. >> i'll tell you where my
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courage is and i'll tell you where the naacp's courage is, that is standing up for issues for black folks. the colonel was there a couple of months ago and condemned the voter id law. >> you keep diverting the attention. >> this is for the advancement of african americans. >> and the naacp leader in north carolina is doing it. south carolina is doing it, you wouldn't say anything. >> but just because a leader is black, sean, zubt necessarily mean the leader is standing up for the african-american community. >> in the naacp, that should be against their principles. >> in the state of north carolina there is an open congressional seat, where if you don't have representation, the core will not vote for them. >> here is what concerns me about not only his comments but the comments from folks like him. it suggests that there is a monolitc thinking in the african-american community, or the community steeped in the
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community, no matter your color, that is just wrong. and the impact on the comments of people who are looking for a way out of poverty or looking to expand their opportunities or looking to start a new company, they're told don't be different, don't think for yourself. don't do things that are inconsistent with your communities or you will find yourself being rebuked by the leaders. >> colonel west, i think reverend barber should be fired because this is against the mission of the naacp. your reaction. >> i'm not going to tell the naacp what they should do with the reverend barber, but they have to understand that the consequences are because of a poor reflection. where were the voices of the naacp in april of 2009 when president obama cancelled the school voucher program for very deserving black children right here among where he lives in the
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public housing of the white house? >> well, the -- >> we're just out of time. got to go, appreciate it, thank you. coming up tonight. a new terror concern on the eve of the opening ceremonies in sochi, believe it or not, toothpaste, tooth bombs? we'll tell you about it. and authorities were on high alert just before the opening ceremony. and later, we sent our good friend, cary pickett, to see nancy pelosi on whether or not she agrees with the attacks on the fox news channel. her answer was just as troubling, it was all caught on tape tonight. my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix. before chantix, i tried to quit probably about five times. it was different than the other times i tried to quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix varenicline is proven to help peoe quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. that helped me quit smoking. [ male announcer ] some people
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yesh welcome back to "hannity,"
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competition at the winter olympics in sochi, russia has already begun, prior to tomorrow's opening ceremony. but due to the events, yesterday, the department of homeland security warned agencies that terrorists may try to smuggle explosives on russian-bound planes using tubes of toothpaste, and that is just a long line of issues regarding poorly monitored games. former uk defense ministry adviser and editor at large, michael kay, and sports caster, fox news contributor jim gray is back. michael, let's talk first of all about toothpaste tubes, we heard at first it was the jihadists that may have gotten into the games. that is a big concern for
7:14 pm
families. >> for me, the big threat is the black widows and the threat that they really pose on being able to disrupt the games. the toothpaste piece and the information that came out yesterday, i think is important. but it is not really new to us, is it? since 9/11, we have all had the issues of going through airports with the liquids, if you look at the airport security they wouldn't allow more than 4 ounces inside the met life stadium. i think we have to be not really too surprised by this sort of new information. >> look, i think jihadists are still at war with the rest of the world, especially the free world. jim, let me go to you. i guess one of the reasons, when i asked a question, the selection of sochi, first of all it is a tropical climate, why do you have the winter olympics in a tropical climate? and the conflict, was that taken into account? it seems like it was not. >> well, sean, there are cities that bid on this and the
7:15 pm
selection process begins about eight or nine years before the winter olympics are there. that is when all the cities prepare, if you look back to 1994, only two cities bid on the olympic games. one was here in los angeles, which was awarded. but the other one was tehran, iran, and that was before the revolution. things change on a global basis, daily, so they really don't know. sochi wanted the olympics -- >> it is a tropical climate, jim, this is the winter olympics. >> well, they have the mountains and snow, and believe it or not like the super bowl in new york, before a year and a half, they talked about the weather and they have natural snowhe winter. >> well, they also have palm trees. let's look at some of the conditions, tweeted out by a family. this literally says throw the paper here, don't flush it down the toilet. then we've got pictures of dirty
7:16 pm
water that has been tweeted out by a number of the athletes, as well. that is really disgusting. on top of that you have unfinished hotel rooms and a lack of accommodations for the athletes and their families. and on top of that there are written stories about the fear of people even going out beyond the olympic village, you know, just to do -- the only people out there are russians, apparently. >> yeah, you know, i mean we have to put it all into context. the point you made in terms of the selection of sochi was interesting, because the other two, korea, and austria. however, the selection was made in 2007, in july, the chapter that declared the north region in terms of the jihadist piece, made that decision in 2007, six months off from when the decision was made. so for me, as jim rightly said, actually the selection of the area, the global threat landscape has changed
7:17 pm
considerably since that selection was actually made. so i think in terms of what we're saying in terms of the hotels not being prepared, some of the water being fairly dodgy. >> looked like rust or urine, for crying out loud. >> we saw this -- owe rusty urine? put the water up. this is the water our athletes were supposed to drink. they're athletes. >> i don't know about you, i don't even drink water in the united states. i always go for evian. >> you like the expensive french water. >> it is a point well made. if you look at east london, it was a building site. we had all of these discussions, hopefully sochi will -- >> jim, last question, when shaun white pulls out of one of the events he has for fear of the safety. it was the comment that he made. now, he is a pretty, you know, bold, brave, dynamic snowboarder, that took me by surprise a little bit.
7:18 pm
what was your reaction to that? >> shaun, i think it was important to point out the fear of his safety was because of the way the course was built. >> he thought it was too dangerous, and it would take away his chance of winning, recapturing the gold that he won in the last two years. >> but this was a new event, he pulled out of the event, a lot of people criticized him saying he felt like he wouldn't win, that is why he pulled out. he also hurt his wrist in a preliminary event. the security issue was not the reason ychwhy. but they thought the course was too dangerous. if you look at vancouver, they thought the course was too difficult on the luge and the bobsled. and unfortunately, somebody actually died there. and the new mayor of new york bill de blasio proves he doesn't practice what he preaches. the outrageous. he is not going to be in the st.
7:19 pm
patrick's day this year. >> maybe it was not important to me among all the wonderful things we were talking about what we can do for the american people. but the president's opinion and mine of fox news is also i don't think important. >> leader nancy pelosi takes a page out of obama's handbook, and attacks the fox news channel. and in an exclusive tape, our good friend, cary pickett will play that in full, plus some. >> the continueal statement that gets you somewhere is simply being against the president. how many in the room think the president ought to be executed? yeah, he ought to be an out law. >> and another moment for mr. thrill himself, coming up later. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
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and welcome back to "hannity," all right, the left's intolerance to anything and everything they disagree with seems to be growing by the day, especially here in the socialist state of new york, now, the latest example comes to us from comrade mayor bill de blasio, who says he would boycott the city's iconic st. patrick's day parade. >> no, i am not planning on marching in the parade. i have not marched in the past
7:24 pm
in my official capacity. i will however, honor the contribution of irish-americas, but i simply disagree with the organizers in that parade with their exclusion of some americans in new york. and here with reaction to this and much more, are the cost -- host of "the five." and i was honored. i lost a bet to you today. >> technically, you lost a bet to k.g. >> the good news is, i'm still hungry, i like steak, if you have leftovers, you can slice them up. >> there i was, cooking outside. why don't you eat meat? >> 20 years ago, i used to be trading on the floor, one guy got sick, at one point someone
7:25 pm
came in, he looked great. i said what are you doing? he said i quit eating red meat, honestly, sean, i had a good trading day. >> the good news is, if you got a plate of sliders you can have them all. good news. >> we can split them. >> leave him off the steak. >> all right, here is the deal, in new york, don't they have a gay and lesbian parade? >> sure, of course. >> and it is pretty risque, we see pictures, we couldn't even show them on tv. >> sure, and my problem is, this is new york city and this is coming from a liberal governor, liberal mayor. why breed such intolerance and disdain for people expressing themselves. and why does he have to single out the st. patrick's day parade but not others? to me it just does not seem fair. if you're the mayor of new york city represent all of new york city. >> what he is saying is he does not support catholics and those that practice their religion.
7:26 pm
he doesn't have to agree with the catholic church's position on issues involving gays and lesbians. but at least respect them. he doesn't have to agree with the agenda of the gay and lesbian community on everything either. but he is going to march in that parade. >> that is the question, because i really don't know what the technicalities are, if you're not gay, can you be a part of the gay and lesbian parade? but if you can't, should he not be a part of the gay and lesbian parade because that is why he is not going to take part in the st. patrick's day parade because he says they're exclusionary. but i don't think they will let you march in the gay and lesbian parade if you're straight, right? >> what are you going to do, boycott the puerto rico parade -- >> this is intolerance, this is him being prejudiced towards people's deeply held fundamental religious belief. >> well, it is disrespectful.
7:27 pm
it is saying i know better than you. you are ignorant, i won't participate, i don't see how it is a mayor that is including. i would rather see him say, make a statement and attend all of the parades. >> he is forcing the contraceptive mandate, back-dooring it on the catholic church. listen. >> here in america, we affirm the freedoms emdowed by our creator, among them, freedom of religion, yes, this freedom safeguards religion, allowing us to flourish as one of the greatest countries on earth. central to that dignity is freedom of religion, the right of every person to practice their faith how they choose to change their faith if they
7:28 pm
choose. or to practice no faith at all. and to do this free from persecution and fear. we've made clear that lasting peace will require freedom of worship and access to holy sitisite i s for all faiths. going forward we'll keep standing for religious freedom around the world. >> it is just unbelievable to me. there is no tolerance for those christians and catholics that have the same view on gay and lesbian issues as obama had two years ago. >> well, he evolved. >> he evolved on that one, too. look, first amendment, yeah, he is right. he read the first memoamendment. fantastic, great to know you feel that way. i wish you were concerned -- >> but what about catholic charities, kim? >> there has been overt discrimination but this administration towards catholics and certain groups whether it is
7:29 pm
higher institutions of learning or colleges and hospitals. we've seen it across the board. and i would never question this president's religious beliefs but i do question and find disappointing his intolerance. >> so really, the intolerance is from the mayor, on the left, and the views he held of catholics by not marching in the parade. which, by the way, mayor koch, and mayor bloomberg, everybody except comrade de blasio will march in the gay and lesbian parade. why doesn't he just march? >> tolerance for everybody unless you disagree with me, otherwise i will be intolerant to you. >> friends at the five, i enjoyed cooking. >> sean, i have a picture of us eating your steak. if you want a snap shot -- >> the think about the steak from "hannity," you know it is good quality. >> of course it is great
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quality, and i'm a good cook. and coming up, it is the nanny state unhinged tonight. you wouldn't believe what your elected representatives want to ban now. and we sent our friend, cary pickett, at the nancy pelosi event. what do you think? we'll play it for you. and? the continual statement, always being against the president, how many of you say, i'm against the president. and our great american panel will respond next. and tonight, his final show as the host of "the tonight show," we continue with much or as "hannity" continues. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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welcome back to "hannity," so during the president's interview with bill o'reilly on sunday, the commander-in-chief took another shot at the fox news channel. remember this. >> what some people are saying is that the irs was used at a local level in cincinnati, maybe other places, too -- >> absolutely wrong. >> but how do you know that because we still don't know what happened? >> bill, we do -- because that is not what happened. folks again had multiple hearings on these. i mean, these kind of things keep on surfacing, in part because you and your tv station will promote them. >> you and your tv station, so today, we sent our columnist, cary pickett, to nancy pelosi's press conference to see if she agreed with the president, take a look at this. >> you, along with the president and other democrats, he complained about fox news not being fair to him, particularly with the benghazi coverage and
7:36 pm
the irs essentially targeting a number of conservative organizations. do you agree with that and can you give an example? >> well, i don't remember him talking about that. maybe he was talking to somebody individually, or maybe it was not important compared to some of the other wonderful things we want to do for the american people. but the president's opinion along with mine, is not that terribly important. and by the way, i had the pleasure of being on with greta during the state of the union, so i enjoyed that. >> and fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr., and "fox & friend's" co-host, ainsley earhardt. it seem is lis like an obsessio
7:37 pm
>> he can't get it out of his mind, one scandal after the other. if he can drag it out. you know, this is really about fox news. fox news did it. i'm not sure what ainsley was pointing out. maybe she didn't even see the interview. maybe she is being smart for a change saying i'll leave fox news alone because maybe they will just keep showing it. but the one -- >> what, we can't ask questions about benghazi, the irs and health care? >> well, first of all, fox was very successful long before president obama took office. and that will continue. we're the only network that is telling the truth right now. we're the only network that is talking about the scandals. and these are scandals he is responsible for. so instead of blaming fox news, maybe he should have to go after the networks that protect them. >> he is expecting this kind of protection -- >> i think that is well said. one common denominator in this,
7:38 pm
the benghazi demonstration, they lied about the irs saying rogue agents in cincinnati. turns out those instructions were coming from washington. and we obviously were lied about like your plan, keep your plan, you will save $2500 a year for your family. >> it is the first demagogery to do attacks on the press. i would suggest that president obama go back to the speeches given by president kennedy where he was attacked by elements of the press, where he said we need to stand up for the press in the country even though they're attacking me and attacking my presidency. it is distasteful. it is wrong, stupid and not fruitful. >> we did learn later they hid several elements of his life. >> certainly. >> this goes back to patrick moynahan, talking about life in the soviet union, the difference is when life happens you read
7:39 pm
about them in the newspapers. >> as a journalist it is our job to ask the tough questions. you might not like the questions, but that is our job. and when you agree to interview with us then you have to expect to answer some questions for the american people. >> right, a lot of outrageous things have been said by the msnbc host melissa harris-perry, martin bashir, we can go through the lineup and watch the comments. i think one of the most toxic is chris matthews, if you disagree with the president it is racist. i don't think most of the media has picked up on this yet. >> the continual statement that gets you where you want to go in right-wing politics, is simply being against the president. how many people in the room that say he needs to be executed? yeah, he is an out law, anything that is nasty about this guy is now becoming the amen course of the republican party.
7:40 pm
>> if someone in a room says the president ought to be executed, you pile on and say yeah, he is an out law. i don't know any conservative that doesn't demand and want -- they have a tough job, the secret service, they have to protect our elected officials, disagree or agree, and starting on down with president obama. peter? >> it is factually incorrect as well as fanning the flames of racial discord in this country. he is referring to an incident that took place in the state of florida by an errant republican candidate for a statewide office. and the republican candidate in the next district condemned him and said you're an embarrassment. on top of that, rick scott, the governor, resigned from the pinellas county gop committee as a result of it. he was condemned roundly. and for them to say that it is despicable. it is despicable. >> well, ed schultz said one
7:41 pm
time i wouldn't be surprised if some of these republicans want the president shot. no wonder that the msnbc poll showed the trust factor, they're lowest on the ladder. >> can you imagine if any anchor at fox news uttered those same words. >> i don't think an attorney as good as he is, could save my life. >> but that is part and parcel of what msnbc does. and msnbc, unfortunately, has become an annex of the white house. >> wait, that is an important point. they are nothing but an extension. >> of course, they are. >> let me do the unpopular thing of defending msnbc a little bit. and just say i don't think that chris matthews necessarily speaks for every host over there, either. but i would like to see a few people condemn the suggestion that all republicans would just stand up and applaud or agree with this type of suggestion from him. i think there is another indication that the cheese has slipped off his saltine. >> all right, well said.
7:42 pm
but let me add another thing to this. it seems like they're going so off the top if you disagree with the president it is based on antipathy. here it was paul ryan throwing granny over the cliff, now it is dirty water. if somebody disagrees they would say out law -- >> it has become a combine of the white house, of msnbc, of organizations like "media matters" of other reach people in this country who call themselves progressive. who join together and they say mr. president, we have to get you out of trouble on benghazi, irs, the economy, and so let's go after fox news. we'll distract the world. >> but it is even at a sense where you can't even raise questions about policies about obamacare's effect on the left, without people coming on and saying it is a racist attack.
7:43 pm
>> ainsley. >> i just think that somebody at msnbc needs to sit down with their anchors and say look, you have got to control the message you're preaching. >> the credibility is down to 3% in that poll? terrible, fox is number one in percentages of trust. >> and mccarthyism is at an all-time high. >> thank you, well said, and coming up tonight on "hannity". well, thank you, that is very nice. where were you people when i was negotiating my contract? huh, where were you then? >> all right, the king of late night, jay leno signs off tonight. when we come back, we'll play sandra bullock's tearful, heart-warming send-off. and we'll hear where leno is rumored to go next. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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. i would like to say something, i'm going to start crying. you have always been so kind. and that is saying a lot in this business because we like to be mean. there has not been one time that you have not treated me like i had something to offer, even when the film was horrible and you knew it. you never let me see it. when i made crazy life decisions, you never questioned. you were always so welcoming and every single person on your crew was that way consistently, and i even felt special, even when i felt insecure. and everyone in this country has felt that. i am so grateful i got to be a part of it. >> and you are special. >> and the celebrities and fans sure to join the king of late night. jay leno, his final week at nbc
7:49 pm
news, what is in store for his future? i have been watching all week, and i'm getting sadder like sandra bullock as the week goes. he as always been in favorite. especially when letterman started getting mean and liberal. >> yeah, what sandra bullock was saying, i think that is what everybody thinks about jay leno. he is such a kind person, yes, he gives the zingers in his opening monologue, but he is just a genuine, good, kind person, even if a film was not that good, he was always kind. >> and i watched jimmy fallon, when he was on monday night. he is really talented. doing his bruce springsteen, singing, making fun of chris christie. he is still talented, very funny, still jay leno is number
7:50 pm
one, why do you get rid of the number one guy in every demo, who cares how old he is? >> jay leno is a very kind guy, his humor is very light-hearted. justin timberlake, you will see all the sketches he has done with justin timberlake. and jay leno cyrus's tweets is creepy there is issue of age. when you talk about jimmy fallon. songs they played some of the songs those what are is going viral jimmy fallon tweets and does hash tag contests for people. that is what nbc is looking for. >> how should we interpret the
7:51 pm
remarks he doesn't like being removed but understands it. he doesn't want to leave this job. what did that tell you about what happened at nbc? the thinking at nbc is what is baffling to me. especially after the conan debacle. >> i think what jay is saying is that jimmy fallon is a guy as close to carson as you can get. in that sense, it's right. he can do impressions and songs and jay leno is saying he's not unhappy about leaving so it's a way of him being very gracious bit he says he doesn't listen to kind of modern current music that jimmy fallon is listening tocht it changes the face of late night. it's going to be interesting so see what happens, competing with david letterman. where are the younger stars
7:52 pm
going to flock to, is it good for jimmy kimmel in los angeles >> david letterman is a cranky old liberal. sorry. i have to be political, kid. >> niceyou. >> i'll be watching jay leno tonight we'll see how this works out for nbc. >> coming up next, tonight a republican party raising a banner of bold lors standing for certain values that will not be compromised. >> bold colors? no pale pastels? what would ronald reagan say today? why republicans need to take his advice. also, quick programming note, tune in sunday night for a new edition of "fox files". featuring reports from greta, griff jenkins and more.
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>> recognizable as standing for certain values which will not be compromised. >> blurring the lines, seeming one party, seems the same as the other party. no, what the republicans need is to raise a banner of bold colors, no pastels and that is
7:59 pm
what we need today. so i have a message for you republicans in washington. stop being timid, stop being afraid of your own shadow, right now the country is suffering, 50 million americans are on food stamps, they are not working. we have the lowest labor participation rate in 30 plus years since 1978 when jimmy carter was president. it is time for you to offer in this moment of need for the country solutions. for example, you ought to be fighting to balance the budget, a balanced budget amendment, energy, there is a reason north dakota rate is 6.2% and the reason the unfloimt rate in odessa is 6%. we can fix it but you have to have a bold agenda and inspire people. pain you should learn from reagan on his 103 birthday. before you go, stop what you're
8:00 pm
doing. time to set your dvres to report hannity here on the fox news channel so you don't miss an episode. and start each morning with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow nigh night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> when you look at the video tape of this whole thing unfolding, this is not some system attic well-organized process. >> that statement from the president about benghazi angered congress people investigating the situation. tonight we'll hear the complaints. >> you better get him on your show because i don't want put words, if saddam hussein were in power today, we'd be a heck of a lot bad off. >> i challenge


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